Be Fearless – *warning: Do not use unless you need or want to be fearless. Want to do something exciting or be a brave warrior. Now go be Fearless and Regret Nothing!!! Our exquisite blends are a combination of 100% Pure, therapeutic grade, cold pressed and organic oils. No nasties or animal testing. For aromatic, diffuser or topical use only. For aromatic, diffuser or topical use only. Add a few drops of solubiliser if diffusing.


INGREDIENTS: 100% pure bergamot, black pepper, lime, ginger, cedarwood, grapefruit, sandalwood, rosewood, melissa, basil, frankincense, roman chamomile, lemon, neroli, peppermint, rosemary, cypress essential oils, Organic (jojoba, castor oils). 


SAFETY INFORMATION: Not suitable for childrenand keep out of reach. Seek medical advice if pregnant or swallowed. Avoid sensitive areas and eyes. Discontinue use if irritation or sensitivity occurs. Avoid sunlight and store under 30c. For aromatic, diffuser or topical use only. Seek medical advice if pregnant. 

FEARLESS 15ml Blend